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November 16 2021







July 18, 2020

What a Two Weeks of News….

Posted on July 18, 2020 Facebook by EaglechiefSpeaks

Sometimes. when I sit down to write, I have no idea where I am going say, I just let the words flow… this is one of those times….

We know that the faddass’ unmasked trips to Tulsa, insuring that the number of sick and dying will go up there without masks and distancing, and then going on to South Dakota, violating a longstanding government treaty with the Great Sioux Nation… trampling on sacred ground, encouraging his horde to come armed, dangerous and menacing, while blaspheming the memory of those buried there and those depicted on Mt. Rushmore, would be the height of stupidity.

“Nothing stands as a greater reminder to the Great Sioux Nation of a country that cannot keep a promise or treaty then the faces carved into our sacred land on what the United States called Mount Rushmore,” Chairman Harold Frazier of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe said in a statement. ”We are now being forced to witness the lashing of our land with pomp, arrogance and fire hoping our sacred lands will survive.”

And he went to Tulsa, bringing the possibility of increasing the spread of Covis-19 because he required all attendees not wear masks… But what got my dander up was an image of some well-dressed, obviously backward, asinine negroes in attendance, yukking it up as if they were attending a jamboree. If anyone knows any of these folk, I’d like to have a conversation with any of them… Put him or her in touch with me.

Irrelevant NAACP
They have a new president but are still stuck in a morass….. How long will they hold out to keep the name, NAACP or “National Association for the Advancement of COLORED PEOPLE”!!!! C’mon, man!!!! We have not been referred to as “Colored People” in fifty years…so let‘s come into the 21st century…. It’s not worth it to continue to hold onto the moniker….despite the monumental contributions in civil rights it has made at an important time in our history……. How about “Rights of All People”???, or “NAARAP?? or “Association for the Advancement (Support) of Dignity of All People (AADAP/ ASDAP) or exchange “National” for “American”, endless possibilities worth a vigorous debate, in order to move forward with new sense of purpose… and would include the infusion and inclusion of more diverse people with new vision and energy…… Right now, you are nothing more than just a harmless shadow… existing in the 20th century…

Washington Football

A forward thinking person, understanding that sooner or later the NFL Washington football team would be forced to get rid of the slur, has trademarked all of the many numerous (in the hundreds) possible names (and my favorite, ‘Warriors”) for the team…therefore all of the logical names are under his control; and that is why it is taking so long to announce the new name…. and he wants “millions” to give up the names!!!!

 “Negroes Going to Prison, Life!!!

Some Black Americans, especially young folk who still retain the stupid idea of “gangs like “the crips and the bloods” or others, with the idea that the possession of a gun makes them “a man or a “protector”, ignorantly shooting and killing each other and going to the prison yard or the graveyard; living a life of thievery, murder and drugs is a waste of your mind, body and spirit; and of our opportunity to continue our march toward equality….
I know that my little comments will not reach those I’m talking about….. but the hope is that someone who reacts to my concerns, may come across one of these people and just talk to them about our history…….the kidnapping, the bondage, the horrifying voyage to this new land, our suffering under slavery and the renaissance and opportunity to fight for human and civil rights, while they might be the villains they choose to be….. Please know your history…and be thankful to our ancestors who paid a price for you being here.

Opening up the State and schools too soon….

Covis-19 and the “dumb as a rock” republican governors (including mine) …… I believe that the republicans see the scourge of this epidemic as a way to disenfranchise Black and Brown voters in the November elections…. After all, a great percentage of the victims are Black and Brown and dead or hospitalized people can’t/won’t vote…. And even the white people who get it or have died from it, would not have voted for the nincompoop anyway…….

Mary Trump’s revelations…….What we already knew….

We knew he was a nut case… it’s nice to put icing on the cake, that is, reveal the psychological reasons behind the mind he had lost…….but we knew…..and others recognized the major flaws he had, yet they made him president, a position he would prove over and over again that he was not capable of handling, and had no idea or characteristics of a what leadership is all about; we knew he was lazy, a crook, a tax evader, a womanizer, a thief; that he was in bed literally, with pukin and would undermind the safety of this nation and destroy the very bastions of our society… We knew, but Mary, thank you for the dirty icing on a rotten cake…..

Okay, Okay, you support Black Lives Matter!!!

The MLB has suggested that “Lift Every Voice and Sing” be played at games… instead of the “National Anthem” Now, I had a feeling that there was going to be some who would bend over backwards to prove “how liberal” they have become… as if this would somehow let people know they had been “converted”. In my humble opinion, we do not need a song (that few Black folks can hardly sing), what we need is concrete rights improvement, getting rid of police brutality and an unequal justice system, improving voting rights, providing equal opportunities to work and earn commiserate pay, better housing and clean air and water. Plus, I like “America the Beautiful”…..


We are hoping so hard that our beautiful liberal Justice of the Supreme Court, makes a rapid and full recovery and goes on and on… Justice Ginsberg has been a stalwart for righteousness and freedoms and we need her guidance and wisdom which is so lacking on the Court…. Stay strong, live long…….


We now have a “Gestapo” running amuck in our cities, let loose by the despot in the White House…..masked gunmen no identifications, handcuffs flashing and “arresting” anyone they choose, no warrants, no iota of criminality.. plus how do they usurp local authorities when no Federal criminal law has been violated?? We need to watch the History Channel and it’s view of the beginnings of the second war in Europe; how hitler hyped the masses in Germany and took away their human rights as a dictator before his evil devastation through that continent, that was how it happened ……Stormtroopers menacing the the masses into submission… Now this lunatic is trying the same thing……He needs to be stopped… but who in his party has the balls to challenge this odious action and, those that participated need to be brought to justice… Those hidden militia members’ oath does not include violating citizens rights and their attempt to “keep their jobs” by reacting to illegal orders, will not excuse them. They broke the law just like the police who kill Black people… What’s next???


John Lewis

The news of John Lewis’ passing is hurtful…..My deepest condolences, and sympathies to his loved ones, family and friends…Nothing I can say on this page will be more eloquent than those who knew him, worked with him, loved him, and appreciated his values and sacrifice, will say in the coming days.…I met him briefly a long time ago, we did not have a conversation, but I have nothing but respect for him and his work and contribution… R I P, John you will be sorely missed….
Elijah, now John…… not forgetting another civil rights icon…. and leader, Rev. Cordy Tindell “C.T.” Vivian….. who passed a few days ago at the age of 95.

We will march on…….

Enough said, I’m out!!!

It is ironic that the few brief moments of pleasure in a relationship bring a smile to your face, even after the all the mountains of turmoil and separation caused by the disagreements distrust, dishonesty, despair, and grief……….

July 7, 2020

Oh, I’m still upset….. but confused….
They (we, all Black and Brown, Gay and Straight, Gentile and Jew, Bhuddist, and Hindu, Atheist and Polytheists, and so on) are still marching in protest for a change in the way our nation’s police, police…. I think we got the attention of the Mayors and Police Chiefs of the cities where protests are occurring… I think we got the attention of the governors of a multitude of states….and Congress and Senators. But the deadhead in the bathroom at the White House with the 10th century medieval brain is asleep and with his eyes, wide open sees nothing but a chance to blab about “taking the streets back”, and his militia.
Unfortunately, the message of the streets is not trickling down to all the gun toting, badge wearing, helmeted and booted troops on the ground…..
Now there is a fine line… but not so fine line, to contemplate…..How do you tell a “protester” from a thief when he’s running with a armful of Bud Lites, or a demonstrator from an arsonist with a gasoline can and matches, or when to shoot at a strong ass drunk (according to the reports I’ve seen and heard) who just stole your taser and is trying to use it on you? Ummmmmh???
We (not that I was involved) had an expression, “Burn, baby, burn!!” back in the day.. and they did, they burned down Black neighborhoods, Black homes, community grocery stores, dry cleaners, police stations, gas stations, Burger King’s, Mickey Dee’s, and er… Wendy’s……and looted….jewelry stores, sneaker stores, mattress stores, Walmart’s, Lane Bryant,…….. ‘cause they an-gerrr-ry!!! and “wanna send a message!!! “
Oh, that wasn’t back in the day, that was yesterday…. So, some cops took a break from policing to nap, have coffee, and chat in a safe place, a Congressman’s office…. ‘cause they ain’t gonna get in trouble by stopping crime …. and marchers… who the hell can tell the difference?
Question?? Does the First and Fourth Amendment give anyone the right to stop traffic on I75??? Stop the nurse on her way to her job saving folks from dying from COVID-19, or a father from getting home to look after a sick kid, or bringing ice cream home that’s now just gook in the back seat, or the guy who had a long day repairing somebody’s car’s transmission and is tired as hell, or a guy who’s trying to make it home to relieve himself or the lady who is running out of gas???
C’mon, man!!! Let’s be real….. real marches and protests are okay, don’t get me wrong….Yes, you can get a politician’s attention with marches….the more the better, and demonstrations… but who, where are the organizers, the leaders, the spokespersons??? Where are your list of demands, your negotiators, your “LEADERS” who are going to make progress for us??? Where are the political leaders who will say, “Let’s talk this over, we heard you and we have the guts to change things……News interviews, opinions from TV gabbers ain’t gonna get it done…. It’s time for an armistice, I think… time for an exchange of ideas, views, and action, to change the way policing is done in America….Oh, there are millions of smart, savvy people out there who can offer guidance on how to change the way police, police…..to make policing better…to stop the massacre, take guns off our streets… and have the will to re-learn police work….. and make the dunces out there who just don’t get it… to see the other side of the coin, or get out of the way of progress…
White ain’t no better than Black, Brown, gay, etc. You people made it that way and you people can change it … you just gotta want to….
And, you assholes who are criminals, looters, arsonists…you ain’t making it easier, you making it harder….. stay yo’ ass home, please…
What would have happened if every and I mean every mayor, said to the masses, “Let’s talk… we got your message now let’s see how we fix this together…. without any more violence, stealing looting, trampling on each other’s rights…??” Come to the table and work out your grievances and we will take them to the governor, to Washington… to Congress, and we will help you vote out the politicians who don’t care for human rights progress…..
Now….from George Floyd to Rayshard Brooks……
After all these protests over the murder of George Floyd and hundreds of other Black men getting killed by white cops, on bullshit “stops”, we gotta do our part not to give any reason to escalate encounters because we know they ain’t been re-trained, they half ass scared of any Black guy, and they know they got this badge and gun…..and handcuffs…..and can get a job in the next county, if they survive the contact…
Let’s see what the “investigation” comes up with…. I saw the video…… you did too; we cannot have it both ways……just like above, you can’t get loot and then say, “Get rid of the police!!” You cannot get drunk (as reported) fall asleep on somebody’s property, wrestle with the police, steal a taser, run away, aim the damn thing, and have a good result!!! 
But maybe the cops should have let him drive off drunk… and kill somebody…..after all he wasn’t “drunk driving”, he was asleep!!! Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!! Call EMTs?? He just might kick their asses just like he did those “cops”!!! Then what??? “Can you “duck” a taser? I do not know, but I know I do not want to be hit with one!!! Now, no B.S., it is a harmful weapon….. and one has a right to protect oneself and anybody else from harm…not from death, from harm….but why can’t ya’all just shoot ‘im in the foot, that’s re-training!!!
So…..we shall see…
Enough said, I’m out




November 17 2021

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