April 7 2022

The  War, Judge Katanji Brown Jackson, "Secret" Societies

The War

This war in Ukraine has been going on for a month and the news carries stories of the horror and mayhem perpetrated by the russian army at the behest of the madman pukin… we see the refugees trying to avoid the conflict, we see civilian buildings destroyed, hospitals (with patients mothers-to-be,) blasted playgrounds torn apart….

According to the news reports, (and gratitude to the men and women of immense courage who have endured the horrific dangers entailed in their assignment to a war zone) the devastation is astounding. 

I am old enough to remember the Second World War in Europe, and the result of the campaign to stop hitler from becoming “emperor of Europe”. As a kid, the movies at that time would include a newsreel of the progress of the war and show the results of bombing raids on both sides, the Allied and axis sides…. From London to Paris, to Brussels, in Allied territories etc., to the factories in Germany, in places like Bremerhaven to Stuttgart….. Both sides were actually destroying cities where civilians lived, in order to win the struggle.
I was going to start this message with the topic of the war in Ukraine and the use of propaganda as manipulated by pukin, but before I start yapping, a great big kudo to the Muscleman “Arnold-t “Gobennator” Schwarzenegger for his message to the Russian soldiers who are dying by the thousand because their leader has ordered them to pursue his maniacal desire to be “emperor of the world” just like the phony, lying, racist, treasonous, deranged psychotic nincompoop we just kicked out of office aspired to do……
He said, “I don't want you to be broken like my father," the actor and former California governor said, in part, in a nine-minute address attempting to punch through Russian state propaganda, in which he recalled his dad's failings. He went on to elaborate further, “I’m sending this message to various different channels to reach my dear Russian friends and the Russian soldiers serving in Ukraine, ”Schwarzenegger said in a nine-minute address embedded below…. 

"Arnold-t"’s message needs to be amplified and delivered with every bomb, bullet and missile fired in defense of that sovereign nation.

“Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view….”

“Propaganda is communication that is primarily used to influence or persuade an audience to further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be selectively presenting facts to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is being presented. 
Propaganda can be found in news and journalism, government, advertising, entertainment, education, and activism and is often associated with material which is prepared by governments as part of war efforts, political campaigns, health campaigns, revolutionaries, big businesses, ultra-religious organizations, the media, and certain individuals such as soap-boxers.” (Wikipedia)

But what then is marketing? 

“The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising?“  (Wikipedia)

And who judges the “difference”?

Here’s my point……pukin beat the West (NATO) to the dance with his rhetoric, and we stood by and watched and pooh-pooh what he was going to do. We were inexplicably naïve….. and now find ourselves on the verge of WWIII….. (So, lets not be naïve about that!!!)
What if NATO had addressed the citizens of Russia, (as closed off it is) and used “marketing” as a wedge (ploy) to dissuade the nutjob from launching this invasion??…. 

I use the word “marketing” since there is a connotation of “evil” in Wikipedia’s definition of propaganda….

There is a U.S. program call “Radio Free Europe”. Is it being used to disseminate info to the Russian people? How about dropping leaflets onto the Russian troops, giving them a view of the real reasons they are dying for pikin’s riches? 

Why weren’t Americans discouraged from going to Russia, given the tinderbox that we continually warned Europe and Ukraine about?
Why did we not prepare for the blowback results of “sanctions”; for instance, all the planes belonging to the rest of the World, in russia, have been seized by pukin… Billions of dollars in value…So much for ”sanctions”... 

And what about the gas and oil that those countries got used to having at their disposal through russia’s pipeline to the West…. And the money they paid for that matériel… making it possible for pukin to become the richest man in the World and allowing his country to struggle, compounded by his greed and thievery… His response to “sanctions” was to seize those 747 passsenger planes….

This is now and has always been, a war, not only of guns and cannons and tanks, but one for the minds of the Russian people, it is a war of words; marketing, if you will. 

Yes, I believe pukin understands the mountain he is under, but can we intensify the positive rhetoric and not let the pukin’man have the first say, spew disinformation all the time??? Let’s be bolder about it….

Zelenskyy has asked for help fighting off the oppressor of freedom and we get to decide what and when he gets help…while we watch the destruction of his cities, the murder of his citizens, and loss of safety, because we do not want to LOOK LIKE we are helping Ukraine… 

 Who are we kidding?? It’s like we bend over, look between our legs, and see blue sky and say to ourselves, “It don’t smell that bad!!!” 
Either you gonna help Ukraine or not…?? This piecemeal B S is for children…..If you look at history there is a lesson there…              The West appeased Germany in WWI and WWII; and ignored the build up of war machinery in the 1920’s and by Hitler in the 30’s  although he was not supposed to have offensive weapons by treaty and surrender; but The Allies watched him storm through Europe and take every meaningful country he wanted…. because we did not want to be in a World War… Japan aligned with hitler and bombed Pearl Harbor so we got what we said we did not want, a World War and lost thousands of men and billions in equipment to vanquish the aggressor… and luck was on our side because if there were a few bad turns, Black and minority folks here would be dead and white folks would be speaking German (right now there are a lot of white folks in America who wanna speak russian..)
I say all this to bring a perspective to what is going on now.         The nations of the World began to understand that war is hell for their people, as well as for the generals and the armies who fight because that’s what they signed up to do, to protect the peace.     No one wants war but a despot who relishes more power.  
So, nations created bodies (alliances like SEATO and NATO etc.) to insure peace and confront any dictator who craved to enslave people; for no people that I can think of wants their freedoms to be taken away….
Now to be sure the World has seen sectional conflicts arise, but generally, most nation have been reluctant to enter any fray, preferring to let those skirmishes play out with minor involvement. The UN and the alliances have attempted to act as mediators in many cases and the U.S. has played a minor role in support of governments who have asked for help in internal civil strife… or to bring to justice those who have directly harmed our citizens or our interests.
But these alliances signed up to protect world peace, and their first attempt at “keeping the peace” is diplomacy, which is a good first step… But when the aggressor is out to test the will of those alliances, and diplomacy has not worked (in the case of pukin), and your next approach is appeasement, that only emboldens that aggressor.
Up front, let me say that I am not a diplomat, a student of war, or a war monger, nor a conscientious objector; and I do not have all the insights that they do about the details of the talks or advisories, negotiations but we can see the results of pukin’s attack on Ukraine, and we hear the West say we do not want war, neither did Ukraine but it is there and all they get is lip service…..sure the West does not want to face pukin, but can we at least have some compassion, and give them a ”no fly zone”... give them jet planes…to stop the carnage???

Joey, you cannot say your strategy is a success… in fact you have to be an idiot not to see it is an abject failure…..Oh, we haven’t lost any men to this conflict but are we proud that we sat by and watched the horror show in front of us? We had a chance to face the bully and we passed the buck… But we all see the unfathomable devastation….pictures do not lie and we trust those brave people, reporters, photojournalists to be safe and to keep us aware of the situation in Ukraine…  We failed and I am not proud….So Joe, you and your buddies, sleep well, but I know you are not in peace…… You can’t be…..

Judge Katanji Brown Jackson

I am so proud to support the nomination to the Supreme Court of Katanji Brown Jackson…..Hopefully soon, we get a fair, progressive justice…. 

  “But I am beginning to hate the phrase, “First Black…..”              Have we not come far enough in race relations to just acknowledge that a qualified person has reached “X” position and focus on the positives that person brings to the table?? 

Back in the 50’s through the 80’s, Black people made strides and had a lot of accomplishments and, from where we started to where we ascended was monumental; and as role models there was a need to show that we were capable and could do the job just like anybody else… but this is year 2022 and we’ve pretty much proven our mettle so, to my mind it’s no longer necessary to announce, quote, “First Black”!!!! What do you think?

Which brings me to another pique… that is, America, these United States, in some misguided long-gone premise (in the Constitution), wants to continue to count our citizens and inhabitants by race, color or ethnic background, etc., thereby fixating on our perceived differences; (we are a melting pot, everyone from around the World should be welcomed here) so to speak; rather than our cohesiveness…. togetherness….. 
Let’s start doing it right and count us by economic status so that we can identify those who need our government’s assistance to improve their position in society…
Now, I am going to step into some very unfamiliar territory; and do not want to offend ….. Here goes… 

I was watching a documentary about the Knights Templar, Free Masons, Black Masons, Knights of Columbus, etc., and other secret societies on the History Channel…. Very interesting. They discussed the history of secret societies and its impact on American politics; rich, elite people, politicians, our “Founding Fathers”, (a term I abhor) who, behind the scenes collaborated in deciding the text in our Declaration of Independence, who shaped how our societies as it exists then and now. The fact is that there were secret organizations that shaped America, participated in the writing our Constitution, even imbedding their symbols into our money…  The Washington Monument is a symbol of the impact of a secret society right in our midst.

Even today societies like the Federalist Society dictate who our judges will be… thereby formulating how justice will be presented to our citizens, who goes to jail, pays a fine or wins or loses their freedom, or a case, and so on….
Many of our lawyers, governors, presidents, CEOs, business leaders (predominantly white men) are part of this design; yet Black men themselves, have formed such associations, when rejected by the “white” Masons for instance; AND they too, segregate women from their ranks!!! How about the “Nation of Islam” who claim to do good for people??? Now, many religions are more open about their impact on their members and the people in the communities around them and open themselves up to anyone who will contribute money to their cause…. But others are designated as “cults” because they are seen as dangerous, restrictive and not mainstream in acceptable beliefs.
Fraternities and sororities are also “secret” with words, phrases, handshakes the let each other know what “organization” they belong to… but one cannot just “walk-in”…. You have to get invited and accepted in “secret “ ceremonies…
Now, most plan and strategize behind closed doors; claiming to do good for “society” and identify with projects, civic, health, political endeavors that seem to improve the lives of citizens, while others come to our attention because they do otherwise… er… the “klu klux klan” or the “Mafia” for instance….

Here’s the bottom-line question…… 
Should there be “secret” societies in our midst that impact people’s daily lives with their ideas, programs and direction, with no oversight or exposure to the general public so that we know for sure that what they propose or plan is really a good thing?
Let me know what you think and why……
Enough said, I’m out!!!!

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