The War....Guns.... Gas....

I have written previously about the war in Ukraine and mentioned that I thought the conflict could have been avoided. Daily, we see pictures of the havoc, chaos, devastation, murder, cruelty, and destruction of the country. Not only are we talking material loss, but lives, both military and civilian. Thousands of elderly men and women, children and mothers are all caught up in the debacle, and are fleeing for their lives.
And we, the powerful United States of America got caught flatfooted in in our estimation of what would happen if, and when, pukin decided to invade the nation. Additionally, the other European nations sat timidly by and hoped that pukin was not serious about war and were ill-prepared to deal with the onslaught, and likewise, prayed that words and diplomacy would spare them the requirement that they take military action to dissuade the maniac from his chosen path.

Then, when pikin unleashed his troops upon Ukraine, our, and their response was, “We will send all this military hardware to Ukraine and keep our hands clean…” Some newscaster said, “This war is a fight for democracy!!’ As if those European nations expected Ukraine to fight to save all the democracies of the World, and other unprepared nations from the “red menace” and that all they had to do was, to act like a manager of a prizefighter,  “Er… he ain’t laid a glove on us, keep bobbin’ and weavin’ you could take all he’s got.. “We’ll’’ win as long as you keep punchin’ , after all, we trained you well…. “We’ll’’ give you good food (weapons)!!!” but you gotta bleed and hang tough!!”

I also spoke about the value of Ukraine as an important nation in terms of the economics of the world, its value as a food and energy producer. I laid it all out after an astute reporter published it. But, evidently whoever was advising Biden and those other countries, did not do their jobs or worst, they did their jobs, but were ignored!!
Bottom line is this, I believe that if those nations, NATO and the US had the courage to confront pukin, place a protective defensive force in Ukraine, and said “Do not invade!!”, perhaps pukin would have given a second thought about what he was planning. I said that it would be better when you see the enemy coming with fire in his eyes and heart, to engage this enemy before he enters your yard (crosses your border) enters your house (country) with gasoline and sets fire to your valuables….

But because you thought you would be able to appease the monster, you would not be eaten; but the fact is, when a monster tastes your blood, all he wants is more blood…. Now that he has a foothold in Ukraine, that territory will never be a part of Ukraine again… Remember Crimea?? Not a lot of bloodshed and destruction and now it’s Russian… so if you are to appease, go ahead and say so, walk away, save lives….but know that the monster will want more….And the proof is, where we are now…. What’s next???

The result of this inaction is, world upset economically, energy prices through the roof, food prices higher, making it unattainable for starving nations, and other nations, dependent on oil and gas from russia, scrambling to adjust to the new World order….” 
Let’s be clear, again, I am not a diplomat or military man; just a guy who reasons well and can understand how to resolve problems in the real world, and I did envision that pukin’s mindset would have changed had he been confronted early on, and we could have avoided all the issues we now see emerge. Just look at the devastation on those poor souls in Ukraine, children, mothers, seniors. Pictures are worth a thousand words is an old saying. Well, the pictures I see are horrifying and you see them too. But the rhetoric goes on….. Ukraine suffers and fights for “democracy”, while the other nations “bs” around, “sending armament” when the decision should have been…. troops on the ground, but because we are tired of war, we took the easy way out. Yes, we don’t want war, but if it comes, it comes…. If you want “democracy” to survive….  

Again, I am not a war-monger, but its’ our job too, to save democracy….
Lastly, what is the endgame for NATO?? Biden tried to spell it out for the world. 
Biden and crew, you will not now talk pukin out of Ukraine… he’s tasted blood, and as long as his army can sustain losses, he will fight harder to maintain his victories... and “street cred” as they say… So, would it have been better to just say, “You got it.”, and walk away? You’d look punkish, huh? Well, what you looking like now?? We are looking so bad, China’s telling us, “Screw you, We don’t care if you are friends with Taiwan, we taking Taiwan now!!” Why?? Because we’ve proved we will not defend our allies….
Biden says we will not confront Russia. Damn man, that’s all pukin needs to hear. We will not give Zelenskyy long range weapons to blunt the supply chain supporting pukin’s troops with food and munitions. Well, the devastation and war is in Ukraine… The russian people are not suffering; and few care about the casualties and death except whose loved ones are not coming home from this war…because the costs to pukin has been kept hidden through censorship.…. Cities in Ukraine have been bombed relentlessly and civilians have died via the massacre and inhumane purposeful wanton murder…. Yet, what would happen if like wounds were inflicted on the Russian people? Say, bomb St Petersburg, or Moscow or some other city??? To blunt the onslaught….." But we will help you get missiles that go less than fifty miles, and no bomber or jet planes"….             while the russian supply chain is 300 miles long and they keep coming with their rockets, long guns and planes…. 

  “We don’t wanna confront Russia!”  What a bold ass statement!!! So pukin says. “What a weak “p$$$y” cat!!! Well, I’ll just do what the hell I want!!!” So as we would say in the street, “Now what??!!!” We are like the “Willie Peps” against Joe Louis… We’d better learn to be a “Mike Tyson/ George Foreman/ Ali”, without the errors in judgment…
Yet our president does not want war, we, the citizens do not want war but guess what???.. I’ll say it again, it’s coming….. With victories under his belt, he just might challenge the West… What a coup!!!!

Yeah, we have sanctioned everybody with a name in russia, but life and frivolity there go on. And there are nations who are still buying oil and gas from pukin and paying top ruble for that energy…

He's annexed land and areas in Ukraine and placed troops there to insure that those snatched possessions will never be “Ukraine” again.. because he will not give back what he has taken; and as I repeat, we have appeased the monster so why should he stop??? Yes we will stand and fight but when and at what costs…..After he’s gobbled up Moldova, Poland.

Nor, will NATO, SEATO, or any other acronynm you want to throw out there…. I said there were lessons to be learned from history… hard lessons… Young folk, even old cruddy lying politicians and military can’t /won’t remember the days of WWI and WWII…Living it is better than history because we have and will continue to sanitize it, “Because our tender eyes and ears are too fragile to hear the truth about atrocities and death.” To them, it’s just another story…. (If you had time this weekend, you should have taken a look at BBC and their showing of the prelude to the World Wars, the tragedy of war and how we got here, today in 2022 …)  

A whole lot of luck, some shrewd maneuvering by the Allies, stalin’s (who had the same aspirations of world dominance) decision to break with Germany and join the Allies, and bad decisions by Hitler, allowed us to survive… Now, pukin has revived those very expectations.

War is coming, a big one… something we thought we were avoiding with appeasement, but will we prevail again? Who knows, with all the hatred and animosity and greed among us…. We are not together…You heard it here first… We were lucky in WWII; Germany had the technology but not the manpower and made strategic errors…otherwise we’d be speaking German, and minorities would be harshly dealt with…death chambers, maybe, and worse??

I just heard on the news that Biden is now pushing the idea that the U S and its Allies should initiate “negotiations” on behalf of Ukraine so that the bleeding (lives, food shortages, energy, monetary and economic troubles will go away).

 The question is, who are you planning to “negotiate’ with and what is your expected result?? pukin?? He’s annexed Crimea, now, Donbas, Donetsk and Luhansk, about 20% of Ukraine….. He has control of the sky over Ukraine, he has long guns to reach anywhere in Ukraine, and farther. He has troops to sacrifice in Ukraine…. Is he going to walk away from that victory? I don’t think so. He is there to stay. He has cut off all access to sea and ocean by Ukraine. He has the fertile crop growing regions of Ukraine. He has stolen goods, people and children from Ukraine, and destroyed life and cities, so what is he going to “negotiate”???

Like I said if NATO was going to abandon Ukraine, they could have done it without all this turmoil…just give it up… But the lack of truthfulness is glaring….We faked and dodges and feinted and danced… now we are tired so we say let’s “negotiate”…        Well, truth be told, we got some gas in the tank but it’s too late to move the truck…     We have no negotiating strength….. we fudged it away….We had a chance to get rid of putin and we stood still with “mouth” and no heart… Ukraine as it was, a vibrant and promising country is down the tubes…..because we blinked.  And we will blink and blink, and blink…. Until he , pukin, is at our doorstep and like Ukraine and all the other “Allies”, we will have no choice but to fight….So, negotiate for nothing now, but I suggest you better be ready to get down and dirty, because, I reiterate, the tiger has tasted blood; the question is, who is next and do we keep feeding the tiger??? So. Joe, negotiate…   we shall see what the hell you get…….

More Bad News… Guns 

We have been and will continue to be the second worse country for death by gunfire.. Only outranked by Brazil… Brazil!!!! You hear me?? Brazil!!!! And we want to tell the world we are a civilized and compassionate nation…. We need to stop lying to ourselves, really… Our racist republiarcan politicians, with their hand in the pockets of the NRA, will not stop the carnage.. And we, citizens, are as so used to it, it is is ridiculous. It’s like eating breakfast every morning, a ritual… or an addict on drugs…..”Let’s go out and find a way to get high, er… stay high… ”We don’t care about massacres, assault weapons of war in our homes and streets. We just wanna own guns… not A GUN, guns, the more deadly the better…!! We play killing, we form militia groups and prowl our woods and forests, wearing fatigues, bulletproof vests, combat boots and helmets… playing “kill that guy!!!” We let racists buy long rifles, cannons and hand grenades, and automatic machine guns and strut our streets with a welcoming and friendly wave from “law enforcement”???…if you’re white….

Oh, don’t get me wrong, Black folk have smelled the coffee and tasted the meat… We want guns too… to…er… protect ourselves and to do like our white “friends”, that is, form a militia and practice too.. and buy illegal guns to protect our “turf”, Black turf so we can be criminals and go to prison… but worst of all is, we happily manufacture games of killing…. .Games that make it seem like it’s only a game….and we give our misguided, ignored, outcast miscreant teens a gun for his birthday, Christmas, er, Sunday, whatever… and let him have facebook, tiktok, instagram, etc,. to commiserate with his likeminded brethren and issue edicts, proclamations, manifestos before starting a killing spree…. Then, we have law enforcement with all their firepower, howitzers and tanks, and 15 SWAT teams descend en masse to confront the perpetrator and arrest him, if he’s white, or choke or maim him if he’s a minority until they figure out how, ”Oh, he died in prison…..”

Our republiarcans, old rich, dishonest, racist mostly white men, sit on their hands in Congress and say “No” to every proposal to make us and our children safe because the idiotic justices on the high court wanna honor the Second Amendment, written in 1779 when railroads, repeating guns and rifles, submachine guns, hand grenades, gasmasks, rockets, planes, phones, atomic bombs, missiles, skyscrapers, computers, television, radio for sake, and so on, were not even a dream.. but they can take away the right to vote, to an education, a job, a woman’s choice, or choices people to make to adjust to what, unfortunately their minds, brains, and bodies not in synch with…. Oh, we got a black-skinned white men up there too…. One who endears himself to white causes, who thinks success is sleeping (if he does) with a racist traitor….and others, stepin-$%&! scott, “herk-lost-his-mind-walker” to name a few. The grovelers…immoral greedy and unethical…. not qualified to catch stray dogs.. (no offense to that job, it’s an honest living) but those who should know better are just plain bootlickers).

But let me get back to death in America…. And, I know it’s been said many times over, but I’ll repeat, “ If I can’t get rid of guns, (it’s like religion, you have been propagandized to the point you will not look rationally at the subject so that you will not even consider to improving safety) I‘ll take what I can get. If we can regulate drivers and vehicles, i.e., seatbelts, tests, etc., we have to regulate guns… Register all guns, insure their use, make the owners get insurance as well as the manufacturers…(what a boon for insurance companies), test the owner’s competency… but we won’t, so let’s regulate the sale of bullets ($50 per shell might be just right) and its price, such as, require a person pick up the artillery at polices stations, sheriffs’ offices, etc., with picture ids and signatures and if purchasing bullets, bring the gun and proof of ownership, have it test fired (your car has to pass inspection for you to take the driver’s test)….and a valid reason for all the bullets…

And as for illegal guns, the possessor gets six months in training, then is assigned to a governmental agency, forest firefighter, conservation corps, health services, etc., at a base at least a thousand miles from you home for 18 months, … Second offense, two years, and a third, a three-year assignment. After that serious jail time, five years at an out of state prison…

But we will not do anything… the bull crap will continue, the yakking will continue, the republiarcans will grin, as young and old die; the newscasters will interview the relatives and the cooperators in murder will continue to take the blood money….  
If we won’t take a needle to not die from COVID, what are the chances we’d do something half -way smart? After all this is America, Land of the Free, Home of the Murdered….. We live in a “Dumbed Down World” and no one will change our drive toward our demise….. 

Gas prices are out of control… (War in Ukraine, greedy oil men, low production by the people who control your life in this modern society, greedy politicians…) 
I was at a gas station the other day, and a guy was filling his Hummer, $150… he just shrugged and cursed and got in it and drove off! No big deal.... The middle class has made money hand over fist and got money to burn...You should see all the housing developments going up around the country... Amazing.... here all the farm lad is gone, gone, in two years and developments have sprung up  like grass after a spring rain. Somebody's buying 'em.... But for poor folk, old folk, it's still a struggle... look at food prices.. nothing on the shelves and the prices up 125 percent!!! The damn Dollar Store now charges $1.25 per item, and don't change the name!!!!

I put $50 in the tank of the old buggy, now I gotta figure out dinner for the rest of the month!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!