June 20 2022

Gas Prices
Gun Control
Golfing Anywhere No Morals All I Care About Is Money Money .....
The War What are we negotiating???
Biden and his trip Saudi Arabia….

So now Joey is planning to visit Saudi Arabia after stating during his presidential campaign, that he would, do all he could to “make Saudi Arabia a “pariah”, over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post journalist who was killed at the behest of Mohamed bin Salman in 2018…. 
His confidants say the trip is “somewhat about oil”…. But what else is there to talk about, Joey??? Since you and your buddies did not have the good sense to confront pukin and avoid the chaos in Ukraine that now negatively reverberates throughout the world economically, in respect to utility and food prices…. I’m wondering if Kamala has anything to say about this fiasco….       I know her role is to echo and support the Prez, but the questions are, what is her input and what is it worth?

It seems to me that these situations are planned to destroy any idea that he (they) could get re-elected in 2024…

Who the hell does he have as his advisors?? They got to be a bunch of numbskulls…. No clue… He stumbling around, his head in a cloud and everything he touches blows up in his face….. I’m not even going to go off on a tangent and talk about COVID… There are other pressing issues to deal with here and now…. But breaking that campaign promise, going to SA, talking directly with the murderer, tells the world that you are a liar; and, we should have a plausible explanation; and getting oil should not be the paramount issue… You and MbS in a room together shaking hands, smiling…. Now, that’s a bad, bad look!!! So my advice, (who the hell am I, some smart-ass diplomat??). No, but don’t do it…..

The second part of this Saudi Arabia thing is the golf tournament…            Yeah, I know, the Saudis have money (gold) to burn, after all they set the “benchmark” in oil prices….and cutting out buying russian oil only strengthened their position…. And of course the oil companies around the World, and including American companies are making huge, huge profits, and wrecking economies….. But Joey, the thing is, more oil is not the solution… it’s not…. More production would currently be a good thing (we are leaning toward reducing the carbon footprint, aren’t we??) but price gouging isn’t, and you have not come up with a strategy to reduce prices and profits….
Although we believe in capitalism and socialism is a bad word, even those who are suffering won’t try to understand that when you, all of us, do not share in the profits and are not allowed to improve our status in the ECONOMY, the little guy, we citizens, with low funds, suffer first and foremost…. Of course, those who were able to score big and sock away saving, buy big-gass cars and houses in the last few years, (bush and ddfrump tax cuts) shrugged… that is, until it started to eat into your funds…. 
So, here we are, food prices, car prices, gas prices, are through the roof….and we don’t have baby formula, or dye for doctors to see on x-rays….. and your solution is, ”visit a criminal”….You gotta do better…..

Before I leave Saudi Arabia, I’m gonna holler to all those “Americans” and others who scramble to get to the golf tournament, LIV… and win money as if there were no other tourneys to play in…. They demonstrated that they too, have no moral backbone… Like my buddy used to say, “You can lie to the World, you can lie to the people nearby, to those faraway, but to lie to yourself, is the greatest sin of all… ”As if it is okay to take soiled and dirty money from a murderer…… You people are wrong, wrong, wrong…. wrong as can be…. The money means nothing to MsB but he wants to look like a nice guy and shiny up his status, hoping that we will forget… Until he apologizes, makes a confession, repents, goes to jail, he can never be respected anymore …. That will never happen, of course…so we lie to ourselves, accept the shiny new cloak, and lie to the world, “It’s Okay!!”…. But it ain’t…..

Gun Control….
We are the leaders in massacres in the industrialized world….. And it’s not going to stop… because we love blood, gore, mayhem, cleaning up brain matter…. (Look at losing school children, college students, gay people, church goers, food shoppers, to gun violence….We are addicted, we have drunk the juice… mixed by an unethical, immoral, savage, moronic, greedy, cabal that is focused on destroying this nation… Drowning the opportunity to let this nation learn from its mistakes, and try to live up to the creed on which it was founded, though not for Black folk, Native folk, Latin folk, Asian folk, gay folk… Oh, the list is long….. But the idea was a good one, but a basic premise that lorded rich influential white men over peasants, females, etc.... Cloaked in “democracy” and “freedom and justice for all….” But controlled by those mentioned above….
Having more guns and especially assault war weapons does not guarantee freedom and justice… it guarantees that we will continue to lead the World in mass murder, massacres…. I have to laugh at the Congress and the news outlets who tout “progress” on gun control after spending hours “debating measures” ….. (I call it BS-ing around, wasting time) as if it will make a difference, it is ridiculous. After reading what the proposals were, (what the republiarcans call coming to the table); I commented that, “It’s like me peeing in the Atlantic and telling you that the sea level went up!!!” There’s not much more to say… all the reasonable and sane answers have been exposed and chewed and massaged. Insane folk, ala Jim Jones types, have propaganzied weaponry and death, and many of us have blindly and blissfully imbibed on the festoon of feces. Happily, I might add…

Until we commit to therapy and get rid of the greed, the casualties will not cease. I’ve considered that too much “freedom”” is a bad thing… a child does not have the faculty to reason sometimes, for it’s own good…. More rational people have to do the thinking and the decision-making… But their hands are tied by the greed and avarice and unqualified justices…… So, we go on, being witnesses to the slaughter…. Our right to life, violated… this is the land of America, the lie about freedom, America, the stolen land, the lie about our history and murder and thievery, America, the lie about freedom, justice and rights….. We got a lot to fix, to get rid of the lie….. but we also have a lot of folks who are living large because of it and they ain’t gonna let loose easily…. Stop living the lie, start being realistic, and we have a chance, a slim one, but a chance…. In a civil society guns ain’t gonna help…..

Last… getting back to Biden and Ukraine…. I heard a comment… He says he’s interesting in ”negotiating” peace in Ukraine… Wake up Joey…pukin is in the house!!! He’s got the kitchen, the dining room, the den, and the downstairs bathroom!!!! It’s too late…. Negotiate what??? You really think he’s going home??? He’s inviting cousins and in-laws over!!! He’s tasted the turkey in the oven, the sweet potatoes, felt the hot water in the shower... And you ain’t lettin’ him feel no heat back home (no missiles to hit St Petersburg or Moscow, no planes to drop bombs on his troops)… The “sanctions” ain’t working…. He cut off oil and wheat deliveries to the World…) The oligarchs have started building new yachts….. They still buying burgers in Moscow and the dance halls are jumpin’!!!!

What you gonna negotiate, Joe??? And stop announcing the armament we’re giving the Ukrainians……. But give them something they can get the attention of the Russian people, just like the russian armies are doing to Ukraine….You keep dancing around a “war” but it’s one-sided….. right now… Kudos to the Ukrainians, with no help of substance, they are holding out…. But the attrition will set in… then what?? It’s like when I was a banker… 

Businessman would come in looking for a business loan, say, $150k… fine proposal, adequate capital, great business plan, great research, all the bells and whistles… I’d look it over, go through it with a fine-tooth comb, recommend the application for approval… It would come back to me three weeks later approved for $120k... I’d ask “Why??” Response… “Fine write-up qualified, but we want to see if he’s got the stuff to fight through adversity!!!”…. Seems to be the same here… It benefits the bank to lend higher amounts, with a well-protected plan and collateral, etc.. we get higher interest payments… higher profits….  

Here, we get the Ukrainians to stomp on pukin, but we won’t give them the materiel to do it….. Because we are “avoiding “war”…. So what happens when pukin walks into Poland and Hungary and Moldova?? You gotta push him way out of Ukraine... harder to do, huh?? And a big, big war!!!! Because you got nothing to negotiate with… You and your allies had the shot and you blew it… Think about it…. Get ready before it’s too late….

Oh, the June 6 Committee…
Folks keep asking me if I watched the proceedings… “Nope”, I replied. What??!!!
“Yeah, no, I ain’t wasting my time…”

You see, we’ve all seen the evidence… we know the big lie, who orchestrated it. We know who he badgered and threatened, and when and how… we know who were in on the whole deal….. Who encouraged him…. We know all this so what the hell is rehashing going to do? They ain’t gonna indict anybody, they ain’t gonna punish anyone… They ain’t gonna change the way we do elections, and pin liability and make ‘em pay for the fiasco…
He's still lying and stealing money that the fools will give him… phony committees and all… He’s broken so many laws (???), it’s ridiculous and he’s still doing it!!! Garland is asleep at the switch……How about the “Inaugural money” … Disappeared!!! How about the graft he took from foreign sources???

But I digress….

We know all the Congresspeople who helped scout the building…. We know about the phony signatures and the people who went there to commit fraud... We saw all those revolutionaries storm and maim the police… destroy the building…. So, what’s new?…. The question is not , ”Did you look at the hearings?”, but, who’s going to the pen and when?... I say, “Nobody, not a soul!!! And I say, “They will still be in Congress…” 
 Look at “no-evidence-no-sense-no pants” He was gonna get hanged!!! Yet he lies and doesn’t say a word about the shenanigans…. And wants to run for office… If you vote for him you are a FOOL... well, you a fool anyway, so why expect change??
It’s all “show.” We used to say, “If you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, baffle ‘em with bullcrap!!” Makes news and TV theatrical…..but the republiarcans will continue to screw the real American people… and we’ll take it because we are robotic and calm and peaceful……Oh, we might “protest”… meaning we will mill around in a daze, burn a gas station or supermarket, steal TVs, clothes and shoes… Damn, we might even let white people with assault rifles and machine guns, march… (to keep the race “pure”)… That’s the “American” way these days… When the “show” is over, in July, and the liars with less votes will go to Washington in January, and take away more rights to insure their ”freedom” to screw the rest of us… we will accept the lying and cheating and stealing…. Because we are, ”law abiding”… and we love our Constitution, with all its flaws and loopholes and unanswered solutions to today’s problems… 

Let the American oligarchs pay inadequate wages to the less fortunate, force us into believing that Chinese inferior products, and lousy robotic 45 minute answering service waits on the phone, and profit-gouging, high taxes for the “poor”, cutting down trees, suffering through droughts and forest fires, are “the way to go” and make us an “advanced nation”…

So, for me, until I see some backbone, and jail time, I’ll just pass on the “show” and watch Ancient Aliens….(a chat for another day….)

Enough said, I’m out!!!