So,  Ya Ain't Gittin' da Shot, Huh??!!!
Democrats, You Wanna Win???

A few commentaries

A friend spoke to me about a relative who was not going to get “the shots” He was frustrated and upset that his brother was adamant about being “safe’ because, “He doesn’t go anywhere”… And I‘ve spoken harshly to and about Black folk who refuse to save themselves and others. I’ve said openly, “At this point, if you had a chance, many chances, and you did not go and get your shot, then, if you get COVID, then die…” and I still mean it…..

The thing is, it isn’t a PERSONAL choice… it is a “LIVING choice that will save others, your loved ones, your friends, neighbors, coworkers, family and even people who don’t give you a thought, from grieving over you….and their friends who’ll feel for those who will mourn you…..and miss you….. Friend’s brother, you are NOT alone in this… We are in this mess you made because you are part of us….. So, don’t be selfish……make us happy that you are still here to talk to, to laugh with, to eat with, to remember with, to enjoy with, to cry with, to LIVE with…… 

You got a shot for malaria and it isn’t even prevalent, measles, smallpox tuberculosis, tetanus…….and you’d get a shot if an animal bit you… but “I won’t get a Covid” shot!!”, listening to the bullshit…. Sounds gullible and stupid which I know you are not. You did not make it this far in life to go out like a pusillanimous fool wimp….Get the fucking shot, Dammit!!!!

I see all these people marching, and I wonder, “Who are they trying to reach, the republicans and their collaborators, on the Supreme Court??” The republicans are in charge of every facet of your life and they do not give fqqqq about you and your freedoms, your rights, your health, the pollution, the trees burning, your towns and cities being destroyed by nature, recognize that please….. I mention the latter three things, one that is caused by man; so that you understand one thing…… Two are caused by climate change, and the other is caused by the lack of commitment of that goofball treasonous party to support the efforts of the world to reverse our effect on climate and the damage to our planet….
Your freedoms, rights etc., are abridged every day by a hostile, evil, greedy, racist regime that, as repulsive as ever seen on this Earth, though they are a minority… 

Why because we let them, that’s why… and many of us, are like robots, go along with their program. We struggle, work hard, toil and sweat, (not all of us), but we just mumble, grumble and take the slaps, the kicks in the ass because we are able to “slide by”.

Then there are some courageous souls that represent us in the political/ legal world; and take on the evil-doers. They fight the “right” fight while the opposition fights the “dirty, immoral, unethical” fight for their cause. They are losers with no idea how to make the World a better place, All they have is a bag of garbage, reeking and smelling with a chief rat that they worship, the biggest liar lose of all time … They lost by seven million votes, seven million! And the have the gall to wanna be in charge.. Look at the criminals they have spawned!!! Unbelievable!! And the mental midgets want to usurp the Federal government….with nazi swatstikas.. no less….. tear gas assaulting Federal officers, threatening their own… homegrown terrorists who prefer this stalin-like phony inept nutcase, pukin clone…He’s lived in his personal bathroom so long the thinks the toilet paper is for wiping his tears or blowing his nose!!!

Our reps represent the majority, the liberal, progressive people of this nation … we are in the majority… we want the chance to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, that is in our Constitution, but is barely, and vaguely “pursued”… because the criminal cabal (I’ll use that term when I refer to them) ignores the mores, the norms and the trust that the ‘Founders’ deemed ”not necessary to write down” when they established in the Constitution because “only high minded, rich, trustworthy, moral MEN would be in charge of this experiment in democracy, when the world was run by despots, emperors, kings, dictators and such, and the “common people” had no voice, no power, no weapons, not anything to make any statement about their desires, wants or future….

The fact of the matter is, the minority is kicking our collective asses, stealing our lunch and stomping all over our clean clothes! Why?? Because we are too damn righteous…… On Facebook the other day, I saw a cartoon (can’t find it now) of Redd Foxx and (Excuse the language but I hope we all grown), that said, “Sometimes you gotta show a mothafqqqer that you a mothafqqqer too!”

Well, the Democrats, the respectable, decent, law abiding, rules living, the “We want our rights” organizations are wasting their time, their money, their sweat and tears, with marches that fall on deaf ears….

The cabal is passing laws up the yang yang to screw you and your dreams and, we just say words and lose again… their message is clear…. They want the world the way they want it because it proves to them that we are weak, defenseless and fight-less!!! ”The winners gets the spoils!!”, remember that…Malcolm said, “By any means necessary…” He did not say, “Be nice and good and clean and follow the rules… ”So, when your opponent fights dirty we need to fight back dirtier… and I’m not talking about going to a shooting and killing war….I’m talking about winning…. Therefore…. Get rid of the filibuster… if it was reversed, they’d do it in a heartbeat! Get Joe Machin in line…… He needs to stop screwing around. Just like all the other politicians, he wantsta be a “Senator for life” but his duty is to the nation as well as those who selected him….  He represents a poor state, one that is sixth from the lowest GDP in the nation; one that receives financial assistance four times the amount of Federal taxes it pays to Washington and he's worrieda bout the deficit when all the costs are paid by taxes and other means. 

Is he and Sinema going to drown women’s hopes for control of their bodies? Are they going to take away our right to vote, is he going to stop infrastructure, education, jobs, improved internet??? Either yes or no…..
Stop playing games with our future because at the rate it’s going there may not be another chance… if they let the cabal continue to destroy this country…. He needs to do what is right for the country, the majority… we want the freedom to make progress…. He would have no sway at all if the lying sniveling wretch had won so he needs to support Biden’s agenda…..

Third, all Congress has to do is pass a law adding six more justices to the Supreme Court’ and make certain they are as DEMOCRATICALLY biased as the republican politicians are now on the Court…. two Black judges, two Asian descent judges and two Latino judges…….. Right now!!! All it takes is an act of Congress!!! Get that done asap!!! Stop hemming and hawing, get some guts, do it!!!
Last, the republicans are greedy, despotic, and racist… I’m calling on all the civil rights, progressive, liberal entities no matter who you are, NAACP, ACLU, BLM, Mothers against Drunk Driving, etc to have the balls do this….. After all, money talks, bullcrap walks….. I wanna see you do this…… 

1.Write a letter/ survey each and every major sports organization, college included, their commissioners, and staff, and all their members, players, coaches, office personnel, officials, ask a few questions like….

a)Do you support women’s right to make decisions about their bodies and not              politicians
b)Do you support the idea that we make it easier not harder for citizens to vote
c)Do you think the party with the most national votes should win the White House
d)Do you millionaires support an opportunity for a job and living wage
e)Do you believe that every citizen must have a right to health benefits, medical          coverage, education, criminal justice reforms, etc.,
f)Do you believe that there should be a fair tax policy and no loopholes so that            every income earner pays their fair share
g)What price will you put on these rights and are you willing to stand behind our         crusade for justice…Are you willing to support our mission by refusing to                   perform until all these issues are corrected

Oh, there’s lots more, but you get the idea…. They can respond as a group or individually…….

You know how to do this, its just a matter of, do you have the nerve to do it.
And then publish each and every name that does not respond or responds negatively. Then ask that each sport stop its games until we have the reforms necessary to insure that all citizens are represented fairly, has civil, voting, medical, educational, women’s rights and so on.

When their money is in jeopardy, and the economy that we support may fail, perhaps, we can get things done positively…… We should all in this fight.. the sports industry is monumental, and by and large, they’ve sat on the sidelines…..getting their money that we give them….Now it’s time for THEM to step up in a big way…… They’ve been immune to the fight…..there’s been token statements, gestures and “donations” but all these athletes mostly millionaires or soon to be,, have been getting a pass. It don’t cost a damn thing to make a statement, donate some money, kneel…… But if their good rep and salaries are involved perhaps together, we can solve these socio-rights problems.
And if they say “No, were not going to get involved”, we , all of us, the world will know where their real heart is……..

There you have it……..who is going to step up and get the ball rolling? If you don’t then I, for one, a nobody, at least will know really that you are all mouth, because as I see it all the marching, milling around, speech making, and TV analyzing is a waste of time……

Like I said, right now they kicking our collective asses… keep doing what you doing…. I see a big fat ZERO.. in terms of progress… ZERO!!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!

(Long time, huh??)

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January  5, 2022