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Pukin Yukkin' It Up .... Bowing Biden in a Bind.... A Blissful America...  Voting Democratic...... A Weapon No One is Talking About...            Brittney Griner...  Buying Spray Paint..... 

Yesterday, I thought about this nation, its past, its current status, and its future, and smiled. While I imagined others were concentrating on picnicking, parades, travel, entertainment this summer, and so on, I thought politics. My mom used to say, ”An idle mind is the devil’s workshop!! “What a life!!! Nothing better to do???!!! But my grandkids count, our children count, our future counts, so I think, contemplate, muse…. Politics.

If some of you read my blog, I say, (as a reminder) “Pay attention to politics, it determines your future…” Now, I am not saying you have to live and die each day dealing with politics, but you really do…. However, a good ten minutes can’t hurt.

You know who is laughing his head off??? pukin, that’s who!!! 
Why?? He’s thinking about how we have let him play us for fools and he’s done it without confrontation…. Because we allowed it…. When we talk about being in an abusive relationship, the experts say “Leave go, someplace else, don’t accept it!!! Don’ be bullied. Fight back!!!”
Well, we, the United States of America, are abused; we have been because we allowed it to happen….. We are not alone… Western Europe is included… And pukin is saying (while chomping on his favorite cigar), "We, (russia) are better than the USA… Totalitarianism, communism, anarchism are all better than democracy…why??
“Because we do not have…. 
Mass killings,
Police indiscriminately killing our citizens (overtly)
People trying to violently overthrow our government (publicly)
People complaining about wages, and poverty, high gas prices, taxes, abortion, voting rights, civil rights, gay rights, etc. 
And America does….
I can take whatever land, or country I want, when I want, where I want… because Americans lie to themselves… I lie and everyone knows it, but they are too timid to do anything about it… so that makes me impervious to their complaints…. they are no longer willing to die for liberty, independence, and freedom….”

“Way back when, Patrick Henry said, ”Give me liberty or give death”, and meant it… but today, they say, “I will accept the dregs given to me and tell myself, “We good!!!

They are weak-minded and won’t work together because they see in me, an ideal despot and way to achieve their personal goal to rule and become an oligarch like me; and the rich and privileged there say, “Let the rest of them, the masses, accept whatever we give them.”

We, America, can lie to yourselves (except people like me who see the real America, and holler out loud about the TRUTH) knowing full well that when the truth is told or seen, you will close your eyes and ears because it is too horrifying to realize that you are the result of a real failure as human beings, we, who had no conscience; and, have lusted for limitless power, control of others, a false superiority based on assimilation and greed, and we will continue to do so….. without remorse….
Our demise is around the corner unless there is meaningful change; our deadly enemy did not have to confront us because we appeased, to the point we were both hopeless and helpless despite our protestations that we are superior in military might; in the belief that our type of good, flawed as it is, would win over their evil, politically and militarily….. 

By the way, Ukraine is gone…. It was a given; but there goes another BIG LIE (Go back and read my previous blogs if you don’t remember…. False hope for those poor people and the illusion of support from the West…) They are being bombed into the oblivion and yet Biden says he does not want to confront Russia… I know why but does World know??? 

“Russia has touted its new generation of laser weapons including a mobile laser system first announced by President Vladimir Putin in 2018 which Moscow said had advanced so far it could blind orbiting satellites and destroy drones. HGVs (hypersonic guidance vehicles) differ from traditional ballistic missiles by their ability to maneuver and operate at lower altitudes. The combination of maneuverability and highspeed poses significant challenges for conventional missile defense. With the advantage again swinging toward attack, the defense industry is concerned that weapons of this type will reignite the kind of arms race that dominated the cold war era.

According to open-source analysis by Jane's, Avangard is a pure glide vehicle without an independent propulsion system. When approaching a target, the glider supposedly is capable of sharp high speed horizontal and vertical evasive maneuvers in flight, which Russian officials claim makes it "invulnerable to any missile defense system". These claims may be in excess of the actual capabilities of the vehicle. Arms control expert Jeffrey Lewis of the Institute of International Studies, known as a popularizer of nonproliferation and strategic topics since 2004 via his blog site "Arms Control Wonk", expressed skepticism towards Avangard's ability to evade missile defenses, stating that "gliding results in slower speeds than traditional re-entry".
 “The blast yield of a nuclear warhead carried by the Avangard is reportedly more than 2 megatons TNT. 

The high speed of the Avangard likely gives it far better target-penetration characteristics than lighter subsonic cruise-missiles. The Avangard weighs about 2,000 kg and travels at Mach 20–27, giving it the equivalent of 17.5 tons of TNT in kinetic energy.” (from various sources)

So, do you see the problem for Biden and the United States… Do we have anything to counter what the Russians have? I don’t know but whether we do or not, it could mean the demolition (without an A-Bomb) of America and Western Europe. So, we appease and “hold the fort” while Ukraine disappears… but then what?? But the people ought to know all the facts….Ukraine needs the protection of the World… Give them what they need to stop or at least delay the slaughter…. Air support, long range missiles, to delay the inevitable…. Let the Russians feel a sting or two; maybe it will slow the maniac down, because if we don’t have a solution, then we need time to find one….

Biden is in the Middle East, making “smooch” with Israel and Palestine and trying to blunt Russia’s influence in that region, ergo, Saudi Arabia and Mohammed bin Salman, the alleged killer mastermind of the slaying of Khashoggi… Fist bump and all, he went there begging for the Saudis to bail him out after he miscalculated how to stop pukin, and not appease him. Now the West is in a bind… No oil, no wheat, no eggs, no milk, no medicines, and COVID still lurking…. Did I mention, NO GAS?? While the oil companies and their investors are becoming more ”billionaire-ish”.

I don’t like it, I feel they could have been a better way to do this than spend time with this alleged criminal...but you know “politics make strange bedfellows”, as they say. “He said he didn’t do it”!!” Sounds familiar, huh?? ”I confronted him!” Biden wails… But he’s representing the U.S.A. and has to accept, “I didn’t do it!!” to get oil…. The other stuff, he hasn’t figured out yet….          So we wait.

Biden’s ratings are in the toilet…. thanks to inflation, gas prices, interest rates, and the turncoat phony “Democrat” from West Virginia who plans to screw him and the American people as much as a “repubmanchin” can….That is why this upcoming midterm election is so important. We need to add another Democrat to the Senate and the contest in Pennsylvania could do just that. Plus, we have the black ass dumpster, “hurt-his-head walkout”, the “tim scott” clone, in Georgia running against Raphael Warnock, Now we all know rebel white folk love to use us against each other, especially when the ignorant one has some special notoriety... Let’s not be fooled……. Warnock is doing the job, he is competent, effective and represents all of Georgia, even those who voted against him… Send him back to Congress!!


Brittney Griner is in a bind, and we can’t help her right now and in the hands of pukin, is absolutely a pawn… There is no “Oooops” in Russia…She had no choice but to admit her error, but in Russia, that fact is ignored… If pukin can try to kill Alexei Navalny and then jail him, kill as many Ukrainians as he wants, what is in store for Griner?? …. But who will solve that dilemma??? Let’s hope for the best…. A small error in judgment leads to a big crisis and could end up with a lifetime of misgivings…. We all make mistakes but some of us survive. Some don’t. We hope she gets to come home soon… and a lesson to others who think it’s okay to visit ain’t….

Another thing….

They keep doin’ it!!! Black people keep dying at the hands of police….. 100 shots…. 60 into the body of one young Black man???? Their lives are ruined…. because they CANNOT justify this…. They have bulletproof vests, superior manpower. Do they not see and understand that other people of law enforcement, using robotic bad judgement have ruined their lives forever….. in seconds??..... Did they not understand the incidents with George Floyd, Daunte Wright, Amir Locke, Fanta Bility, Latoya Denise James, Jenoah Donald, Vincent Belmonte?? The list is sadly, too long and too hurtful to continue. We all know the facts and we all know that this should not happen in America to anyone, to Black people at twice the rate of other folks… For minor incidents…. avoidable incidents, ridiculous incidents.. .because we have give authority to the people in blue to pull their weapon each and every time they are in fear… .false fear mostly… because they are not trained to understand that every traffic violation is not cause for deadly police action, not every warrant no knock at three in the morning is a reason to shoot to kill…. That they do not dispense justice….. they are supposed to “keep the peace”, yet THEY escalate every situation or take it to a level it would have never gone, if they gave it some thought. 
The bill passed by Congress is a joke but is it the best we can do for now, the nuts who love guns over lives, will not use common sense and the “out of touch, “hell-bent” racist faction of the Supreme Court allows the minority to run this nation, and keep white power in place? Yet we have Biden who announces, “We will not change the Court!!” Why not I ask…. with all the progress we have made in the last 75 years at stake?? Just like he rolled into office as a “closer of the divide” only to get his ass whipped and screwed by his “friends across the aisle” and by maverick senators who are more republican than Democrat, he is failing fast. Wake up Joe.. Wake up … 

I was in a big box store last week and wanted to purchase a can of spray paint. At the self-checkout, the paint would not ring up and some “clerk” rushed over with panic in her eyes and voice and screamed, “You can’t buy spray paint, you can’t but spray paint!!! You gotta be eighteen, you gotta be eighteen!!! You got I.D’?? You gotta have I.D.!!!!” “For spray paint?,            I queried.. “Yeah, yeah!!!” was the reply. “Lemme see yo’ I.D.!!”

Well, I was flattered and pissed…. My retort… “If I wanted to buy an AK 47 or AR 15, you’d give me free bullets and a “Thank You” card, some flowers and a bonus free lunch!! And if I were white, a free membership in the n-r-a!!!... She said, “That’s the law!!!” and after displaying my drivers’ license, punched the keys on the machine so I might make my purchase…. Me, more than four times eighteen; and eighteen and under can get a killing machine no questions asked…. Damn… Hard to buy paint in America, but an assault rifle… Sheeeeiiiitttt!!!…. Easy as pie!!! 
I was damn near a criminal!!! An example how the mentally sick the repuliarcans have made America.

Enough said, I’m out!!!

July 15 2022